Best Vacation in Bali 2016

Vacation in Bali - Bali is Indonesia's excellent tourism that is already well-known throughout the world. Bali is famous with its natural beauty, especially its beaches, Bali is also famous with the arts and the cultures which is really unique and interesting. Bali as a tourist destination offers you complete and integrated tourism objects, here we will give you a list of tourist destinations that you have to visit when you are in Bali.

Vacation in Bali 2016

Vacation in Bali
  1. Uluwatu Bali
    Uluwatu is famous as a place that offers the visitors with the beauty of sunset where a beautiful bright reddish sun slowly sink into the ocean on the horizon at west. Vacation in Uluwatu Bali - You can also see the Kecak dance performance in the afternoon starting at 18:00 and lasts for one hour. Those all attractions make the place always crowded. Kecak dance performance is the most interesting and exciting performance that the visitors most like. The performance is performed with quite long duration with the sunset as the background view. Sometimes the audience was invited to join the dance performance so that will be unforgettable moment for them.
  2. Pura Tanah Lot Bali
    The indescribable beauty of the temple because the temple is situated in the middle of the sea or separated from the mainland. We can find several other temple around the temple, such as Pekendungan temple. At the western part of the place, we can find the fresh water springs that are sacred by Hindus. While there are several caves underneath it where many snakes with different size and colors. However the snakes won’t bite you unlessthey are disturbed. If the tide is low the visitors can directly go to the temple to pray or simply enjoy the beauty of the beach. But if the sea water was high tide, the temple will look like a boat floating on water.
  3. Sanur Beach
    Sanur beach is also called the "sunrise beach", opposite to the beach of Kuta which is well-known for its beautiful sunset view. Sanur beach the perfect place to watch the sunrise because of its location in the east of the island of Bali. You can see the sunrise along the coast which is the most suitable place to watch the sunrise. There are some small huts where the visitors can relax waiting for the sunrise. Besides, the waves of the beach is not too big so that it is not too dangerous if you go to beach with your kids.

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That’s all this time. And there are many more tourist attractions in Bali which will amaze your eyes.

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