4 Activities Fun Things to do in Bali with Kids, Family

Fun things to do in Bali with Kids, Family - For those of you who are married and have children, certainly it would begreat joy if you could invite your family to go to vacation to Bali. However, to make a perfect plan for family event is certainly not piece of cake. Children are easily bored and need to be brought to places where they can do a lot of activities so they can’t get annoyed easily, therefore, we provide you some information about some places to go with your family during your holiday in Bali.

Things to do in Bali

Things to do in Bali
Things to do in Bali with Kids, Family

What Things to do activities in Bali with Kids or Family ?

  1. Ceramic Painting, Jenggala Ceramics has been established since approximately 35 years ago and still existed until today. The place are famous with their amazing hand made works. Jenggawa Ceramics has a workshop for the visitors where they can make their own ceramics painting. So, you and your family, especially your children can spend your time with ceramic coloring and painting all day.
  2. Seawalker, The Underwater Adventure, Seawalker is an activity where you can walk underwater on the sea floor to enjoy the charm of a variety of fish, coral reefs, and marine plants. Seawalker is also known as ocean walker. The sensation of underwater adventure makes this activity super exciting as another activities is generally carried out on/over the water, such as parasailing, banana boat and jets ski, while seawalker activity is done underwater on the seabed of the Bali island. You can do this kind of activity at the Sanur beach or on the beach of Tanjung Benoa.
  3. Outbound in Bali Treetop Bedugul, For those who love challenging nature adventures, it is worth to try to visit Bali Treetop which is located in Bedugul botanical gardens. The place offers the visitors adventure park which has more than 65 kinds of challenges that are worth to try. The visitors can start their adventure with enjoying the beauty of the panoramic beauty of the forest and the lake while flying and gliding from tree to tree to do the Tarzan leap up on 20 meters height. There are a lot of another challenging activities that are served in the Bali Treetop, you do not have to worry about the safety because you will do all the activities under the supervision of the experts.
  4. Nature Adventure in Green Camp, Nowadays, most of children cannot live without smartphone, their gadget. Then, why don’t you try to invite them to attend 3-5 days camp in Green Camp. During the camping activity, they can interact with their peers and the nature just like you enjoy your childhood without the sophisticated technology. The beautiful nature and the bamboo buildings in Green Camp will surely make your family especially your children love the nature.

That’s all some activities ( things to do in Bali with kids ) and you can do with your family to spend your holiday in Bali. Actually, there are a lot of another activities that we can do with families, such as seeing animals in Bali Safari and Marine Park, or you can be a pirate in Pirates Bay, or get all wet in Waterbom Bali and many more. Are you ready to go spending your holiday with your family in  Bali?

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