Top 10 Places Spa in Bali - Best 2016

Bali Spa - It is the most romantic place for honeymoon trip, it is also the most beautiful beaches to visit, it is also the coolest place to learn culture, and it is also the place where you can go backpacking cheap, yes that is the charms of Bali. And not only that, Bali is also famous for world-class spa services, a lot of spas in Bali provide satisfactory service. However, this time we will provide 10 world-class spa in Bali with international standard services. And with the number of hotels and resorts that provide Spa Bali services, there you can indulge your body with excellent service. Here's a list of top 10 Best Spa in Bali - Riverview spa bali.

Best Spa in Bali

best spa in bali

Top 10 The Best Spa in Bali

1. Ayana Resorts & Spa
Ayana Resort and Spa Bali
is located on the hill of Jimbaran. From there, thevisitors can see the vast and the wonderful of Indian Ocean. The spa facilities at Ayana Resort and Spa is quite good, the visitors will get the best service and the pleasant atmosphere. Ayana Resort and Spa has been received international awards for several time, such as The Best Spa in Asia from CNN Worldwide, The Best Destination Spa and Resort and alsoThe Spa of Indonesia from Spa Asia Crystal Award.
Ayana Resorts & Spa
Ayana Resorts & Spa

2. Four Seasons Resort
At Four Seasons Resort, you can enjoy various types of spas while you also enjoy variousnatural beauty. You can enjoy the ocean, the waterfall, and etc. Most of the treatments worth 2 million Rupiah and that’s  all done in the open place.

3. Heaven & Earth Spa, The Mansion Resort

Heaven & Earth Spa was awarded as The Best Luxury Hotel Spa from World Luxury Spa Awards in 2011. In this place, you can try the treatment and the healing rituals that’s all served by experienced therapists. The treatments are not only to relax the body, but also to make you more beautiful and refresh your mind.

4. The Edge Spa
The Edge offers the visitors a spa resort with the views of Indian Ocean. The treatments are available variously from using caviar to pearls. The spa resort that provide Balinese spa experience was crowned as the Most Innovative Spa of the Year in 2010 by Asia Spa Magazine.

spa in bali
The Edge Spa
5. Como Shambhala
It is a spa resort that open many branches in several cities in the countries. It has two branches in Bali. There are various packages offered, from stress management, ayurvedic, body-cleansing, rejuvenation and others. They also has therapists and physicians who are provided to help you to get the right treatment. This place won an award from the World Luxury Spa Awards 2011 as the Best Luxury Wellness Spa.
COMO Shambhala Estate Spa in bali
COMO Shambhala Estate Spa in bali

6. W Retreat & Spa Bali
It is located in the coastal area of Seminyak, W Retreat and Spa offers an atmosphere that is very intriguing. Every corner of the place is well-designed. Away Spa which is the part of the W Retreat and Spa became one of the most desirable spa in Bali.
W Retreat & Spa Bali
W Retreat & Spa Bali

7. Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa

Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa Spa in Bali
Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa

Fivelements not only offers a spa, but also the healing process. For beauty treatment package, the place offers a package called Bidadari Beauty Sanctuary. The beauty treatments here use natural ingredients. For example, cucumbers for facial mask, crystals of salt that mixed with Bali virgin coconut oil for your body scrubs, there is also scrubs of sweet corn you can use, there is also mixture of aloe vera and lime for your shower, and others.

8.    Oazia Spa Villas

cozy spa bali
Oazia Spa Villas
Oazia Spa claims that it has the most various packages of holistic care in Southeast Asia. The spa is also the only spa resort in Baliwhich provides a Watsu pool, i.e.a pool which its water’s temperature equal to the human body temperature. Oazia Spa received numerous nominations in Spa Design of the Year in 2010.

9. Maya Ubud Resort & Spa
Ubud is one of tourist destination that must not be skipped when you are in Bali. It is located far from the coast, however, Ubud will spoil you with the green views on the either side. Enjoying the spa in Ubud is one of the world paradise. If you want to experience spa services in the open area, you have to go to Maya Ubud Resort and Spa.

spa ubud bali
Spa Ubud Bali

10. Ubud Kayumanis Private Estates & Spa
bali spa resort
Ubud Kayumanis Private Estates & Spa

If you want to have the Best spa in Bali service in this place, you can take the package of Spa Detox service, a spa package for three days and two nights. In the first two days you will be pampered with various treatments from massages to mud spa cream.For further information, surf the website please.

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